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708 Jane St. Petition and Update

Back in March 2014 I came around to your door to sign the petition regarding the property at 708 Jane St at the northwest corner of Pritchard Ave.

Thank-you for voicing your concerns and adding your name to the petition.

I managed to rally about 50 people with the help of long time home owner and resident,Joan Carrington.

Here is a copy of what was sent to Councillor Frances Nunziata which was also brought to the first hearing on April 3rd.

Petition for File A91 14EYK

As you may be aware the matter has been appealed and there will be a second hearing at the Ontario Municipal Board on August 22.

10am – 655 Bay St.16th Floor.

This hearing will be the deciding factor so it is crucial that as many of us can show up in person to help not let this property turn into a rooming house as that can only spell more trouble to come than is already happening.

As it stands now,there is a man living in the basement (illegally) as it has only one entrance and no windows.The parking lot too has become a nightly gathering of backgammon players,drinking,loud music,and burning things. None of these people live there.I suspect they are ‘friends’ of the man living in the basement.
Did you know? The new owner of the buliding, Hu Guo-Wei, is a business man from Mainland China.He doesn’t even live in Canada,let alone our city, our neighbourhood.Seems to me he has no vested interested in making our neighbourhood livable, beautiful and safe.He’s only interested in making money..from afar.

Four of us met with the architect,Henry Chu, who spoke on behalf of the new owner at the first hearing. He showed us the floor plans and that’s when we definitely could see the potential problems.City Council refused the application saying that the ground floor of the building was zoned for commercial use,not residential and yet it is being appealed.

The picture below shows some construction  with 2 bathrooms side by side.

The floor plans showed a kitchen at the back,living room at the front and 3 bedrooms in between.That doesn’t seem like a family friendly residence in my books! And from what the architect told us,If 708 gets to turn into a ‘residence’ the building owner will do the same with the other side (710 Jane St) ridding it of the laundry mat.

April 2 2014 two bathtubs close up shot

April 2 2014 two bathtubs March 27 2014 j

It has been evident that construction began before there was ever a notice on the door.If it hadn’t have been for someone calling the city to find out was going on that place would be in full operation right now. Even when the sign went up and the hearing happened and the application refused,it has been seen and documented that there were workers going in and still working.

I think we can all agree that we do not want to see the building be derelict for too long of a time but we also do not want to invite potential trouble.Wouldn’t it be great to see a business that catered to the neighbourhood?! I would like to see a fruit/vegetable market or something of the sort.Something more than a variety store but not as big as a grocery store. What would you like to see there?




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