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708 Jane St /OMDB hearing/August 22

Last month a meeting was held at David Appleton Centre july 22 meeting

There were about 15 people in attendance voicing concerns about the proposal.Stories coming from long time residents speaking of  drugs and prostitution on that corner ( Northwest)  to shootings in the neighbourhood not so long ago.There is also concern for safety and the potential for the decline of property value.There is an overall concern that this proposed application to turn the main floor into residential units will fall prey to a derelict landlord , who lives in Mainland China..(owner of the building) , and that the units will not be ‘families’ living there but instead it will down the road, the 3 separate bedrooms within the unit… will be rented out to individuals. If you know the corner.where the pizza place used to be.. you know it is not a  ‘family’ dwelling. It’s a commercial building with a parking lot. We as a concerned community agreed that this building should stay a  commercial lot and this is what the City Solicitor,Matthew Longo, will be stressing at the hearing at the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) hearing on August 22.

It is crucial that many of us concerned residents are there in person.The more the better.If the judge doesn’t see any people than it will definitely be in favor of the new owner of the building. You don’t have to stand up and speak. An area resident has already been appointed to speak up on the behalf of the rest of us.

Please make the effort to be there in person.Numbers are everything for this FINAL decision AND Please share this information with your neighbours.

OMD Case/File # PL140363


August 22

10 am

655 Bay St,16th Floor

If you have anything to add to strengthen our case please call or write:

Matthew G.  Longo

(Solicitor Planning & Administrative Tribunal Law)

Tel: 416-392-8109

On another note. Our very first Community Yard Sale happening on August 16th (10-2pm) made the front paper of The York Guardian!


See you on the street!


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