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The OMB Hearing update/Aug 22/2014

This is just a short update about the 708 Jane St property in contention.The hearing on August 22/2014 was attended by 5 neighbourhood residents even though 50 people signed the petition.Not a great turnout  but none the less our City Solicitor,M.Longo, our Councillor,Frances Nunziata and fellow resident,M.Stoneham stood up on all of our behalf and made compelling and strong comments about the property.The other party,since the last hearing, apparently went back to the drawing board to try to make their case stronger and more appealing.However,with by-laws and past history and concerns for the future development of this property I feel good about the ruling decision.It hasn`t come in yet so the next update will be when we do hear the final decision.Below is a pic of the updated version of what the property could look like. I love all the greenery… but only if is accompanied by a retail business like a food market-cafe kind of place:)CCF30082014_0000

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