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Safe Rail Communities

Safe Rail Communities is a community-based initiative calling on the federal government for genuine safeguards and transparency regarding the transport by rail of volatile crude oil and other hazardous material. Safe Rail – Outreach

Since 2009, there has been an alarming increase of 28,000% (from 500 to about 140,000 rail cars in 2014) in the transport by rail of crude oil across Canada. Most of this crude is a highly volatile variety from the North Dakota Bakken shale formation, travelling east to Canadian refineries for export. The DOT 111 tank car used to transport Bakken crude and other hazardous material was first identified in 1991 as flawed, prone to puncture and release of product in accidents or derailments. The July 6, 2013 tragedy of Lac-Mégantic was a wake-up call for all Canadians, especially those living within metres of railway.

For more information about Safe Rail Communities and how to get involved, visit


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