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Ujima House – Super Dad’s SuperKids

Super Dad’s Super KidsFree 8 week Parenting program for Fathers 
Starting Tuesday April 14th at Ujima House

Though it would be nice if children were able to grow on their own and develop into mature adults who contribute to this world, it takes a lot of sweat and effort for this to happen.  Good kids don’t just happen . . . they are nurtured by caring, involved, and responsible adults.  And for the 8 sessions of Super Dads Super Kids, the focus is on responsible fathers – men who make a conscious choice to be the solid role models kids are longing for and needtoday.

Super Dads Super Kids is an interactive father-child program.  It is based on activities that kids and dads do together and involves a short discussion component for the men.  Great things happen when dads and kids are together!

The 8 sessions of the SDSK program are:

1.     The Role of the Super Dad

2.     Watch Me Grow! – child development

3.     Listen Up! – communication

4.     Emotions and Emotional Health

5.     Discipline and Setting Limits

6.     Physical Health – activity and nutrition

7.     Physicial Health – injury prevention

8.     Family/Life/Work Balance

A meal and refreshments will be provided participants at each session, childcare and TTC token are available to fathers who need.
The next series of Super Dad’s Super Kids will start at Ujima House 1901 Weston Road unit 18 on Tuesday April 14th at 6pm- 8pm.

Register online at



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