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Elizabeth Fry Toronto – Pre-Employment Program – Skills for Life

The BEST Workshop Series flyer3

Pre-Employment Program

Elizabeth Fry Toronto in collaboration with Ve’ahavta Skills for Life

Workshop series: every Tuesday (May 5th – July 7th) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Where:  215 Wellesley Street East

Elizabeth Fry Toronto in partnership with Ve’ahavta Creative Writers Collective is pleased to announce another 12 week Pre-employment workshop series.  This Writing program provides the opportunity for traditionally silenced, marginalized populations to become a community, empowered and united around their life experiences. Concurrent to this writing program, the BEST Pre-Employment Life Style Management Workshops seeks to solidify a woman’s employment goals by providing them with fundamental, and essential for the workplace topics on: Anti-Racism\Anti Oppression; Assertiveness communication, Self Esteem; Coping Skills; Stress Management and Workplace Re-integration. Every woman facing homelessness, joblessness, precarious employment, those needing to upgrade their education and skills will benefit tremendously from the BEST program.

We Want WOMEN to Succeed.   When women succeed everyone wins.


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