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re-cap of Sept 28th debate…. from Mike Sullivan

For the second time in a week the Liberal candidate refused to show up.

Last night, there was an all-candidate’s debate organized by five of our community’s most respected residents’ groups and the Liberal chair remained empty.

This is what the debate organizers had to say about the Liberal candidate in the opening remarks at Last night’s event:
“The empty Liberal chair is, so far as we can determine, the result of a decision made solely by local candidate Ahmed Hussen and his team. He was invited to this event on September 2, and the date was finalized on September 4, when he was given full details of the format. We heard nothing until we followed up twelve days later, when we received a cheery email stating: apologies for the delay, but Ahmed is not going to be able to make it.
“Members of the organizing committee were appalled… Nobody could remember an all-candidates debate where the Liberals had not been present. 
“In the twelve days since Mr. Hussen’s decision, members of the organizing committee have made numerous attempts to have him change his mind including approaches to senior members of the Liberal Party. At one stage we were told the decision had been reversed. But we learned today that our efforts had failed Ahmed Hussen’s chair will remain empty.”
What is this Liberal candidate afraid of?
Perhaps he is scared to be confronted about the fact that he has never lived in our community and likely knows little about its needs.
Perhaps he feels scared to be exposed for not knowing the issues that affect everyday people in our community like affordability, retirement security, childcare, and transit.
Perhaps he just feels like he is entitled to a seat in Parliament, just because.
Needless to say, the organizers of the event — the Mount Dennis Community Association, Weston Village Residents’ Association, Greenhills Community Association, Rockcliffe Smythe Community Association, and The Twelve — were not impressed.
If he can’t be bothered to show up for our active community members, how can you expect him to stand up for you?
Mike Sullivan will always be there for us, and you should support him with your vote.
Consider taking a lawn sign or volunteering if you believe showing up matters.
Tom Legrady
Resident, Rockcliffe-Smiythe

Al Mosher
Resident, Greenhills

Ann Turjansky
Resident, Weston

Al Farrington
Resident, Mount Dennis


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One comment on “re-cap of Sept 28th debate…. from Mike Sullivan

  1. Deborah Hawkins
    October 1, 2015

    This is a big part of the campaigning process. Not a smart move. Maybe he’s just thrown in the towel. He’s not worthy of any consideration in my view.


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