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The 2015 Election-Canada’s New P.M ..and what does it mean for Ward 11?

A couple of weeks ago my neighbours,myself and my husband hopped aboard an NDP (Mike Sullivan) sponsored bus to take us to participate in the advanced vote because the polling station was far from where we live and was not TTC friendly/accessible. Yes..there was only one advanced polling station for Ward 11.

I thought the bus was a great idea! Not just for myself but for others too,such as the elderly and in general people who don’t have vehicles. Mike Sullivan tried to make it most convenient with pickup and drop off service unlike the (at that time,Harper leadership who called the election) seeming to want it to make it difficult for a riding that has been mostly NDP since 2011..if not longer.. at least in my neigbourhood.(Jane/St.Clair area)

I am baffled that he did not get a seat in parliament this time. In the 4 yrs I have lived in this ward and neighbourhood I have seen him with boots to the ground many times with always a genuine smile  on his face in various scenarios.(doing door to door canvassing,showing up for every single invitational debate and even coming out to browse at the RSCA’s Community Street Yard Sale) He also sent newsletters online and in the mail to keep his constituents up to date and involved about matters that concerned and affected his fellow citizens living in Ward 11.

I am happy that Sonny Days are finally here however I am disappointed that a Liberal is now Ward 11’s new MP. It doesn’t make sense to me considering the majority of signs i saw on my dog walking travels, on lawns, were orange.

My take on it is this: NDP supporters are working class,not middle class, working class,they are of another culture who don’t speak English at home,most are elderly who have lived here all their lives and don’t feel relevant anymore thinking they don’t have a voice and that their opinion doesn’t matter and then…. there are those who are just apathetic.

They all may have had the orange sign on their front lawns or in their windows but when it came down to the nitty gritty they didn’t actually get off their butt and go  vote.

From what I understand,Ward 11 has always had the worst (lowest) voter turnout for any kind of election.Sad.

So,why did a Liberal Candidate get elected? I think I just answered my own question in a backwards sort of way. I think those who did come out to vote are young,with new families that have over the course of these past 4yrs have moved to this end of town because it is here they can afford their first home and still have a quality of life.They are not ruled by fear but rather by hope and they don’t know the word apathy. I also think there was a vote ‘anything but Harper’ mentality and that those who wanted to vote NDP turned their vote into a strategic vote.

So,that is my humble and  personal opinions. I am sad to see Mike Sullivan go (Thank-you for all your caring and tireless service, Sir)

BUT as an active member here at RSCA you can bet myself and others will be calling upon new MP, Ahmed Hussen. Congratulations Sir, We look forward to getting to know you and working with you.


P.s What is your opinion? do you agree with me? do you not agree? I want to hear from you.


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