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July 9/2016-THIRD Annual Community Yard Sale

It’s that time of year again! This is the community’s THIRD annual collective Street Yard Sale.Below,I have shared some tips how to make the most of your day.We will be advertising online and closer to the day you will see posters/flyers posted around the area,courtesy of neighbourhood resident,Angelo and his helpers.

yard sale july9 2016FINAL.jpg

Garage Sale Tips–Best garage sale layout tips to maximize sales
Like in every retail store, the layout and placement of your items is extremely important for your garage sale to be a success.

The first impression should be of neatness and organization
When you are setting up your sale:
Think like a store-owner.
Think like a shopper.
You are displaying other people’s “treasures” and not your unwanted “junk”.
Remember what attracted you and what turned you off at other garage sales you have been to.
You want customers to be able to:
browse slowly easily see all your items feel comfortable while browsing
feel that they can and want to stay for a bit longer and of course, feel compelled to buy.

Make sure your garage sale doesn’t appear disorganized, untidy and dirty
Same applies to your garage, house and front yard too. People will judge your sale by first impressions. Should they bother stopping or should they continue to the next garage sale on their list? Make sure your customers are presented with a welcoming and organized entrance from the street. Shoppers are more willing or expect to pay more if a sale appears clean and organized. They’ll, subconsciously, think that your merchandise has been looked after or well maintained during its life.
Make the front attractive and like a fun event:
String up balloons
Run ribbons between posts
Stick up shiny pinwheels over the front yard, fence, walls, letter box, etc.
Hang flags, streamers or pennants from temporary flag poles
Have a table or box of items for 50c or 25c each positioned near the entrance to your garage sale.
Make sure it has a big sign that can be seen from the street.
It attracts people, gets them into a buying mood and, if the items are children’s toys, also keeps the kids occupied allowing their parents (with the money) to spend more time browsing.


List YOUR Garage sale! (Garage Sales by Map)
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2 comments on “July 9/2016-THIRD Annual Community Yard Sale

  1. Rosemary
    June 29, 2016

    Hi- I’m looking to participate in a neighbourhood garage sale since I have a number of garage sale items but I live on a dead-end street at St Clair and Duffrin. Is there any spaces for someone to bring garage sale stuff to this one? Such as an empty parking lot, park or a persons house who isn’t participating in the garage sale? Please let me know if so- thanks!


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