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Re-cap of Yard Sale 2016

It was a jam packed middle of July with stinking hot weather here in Rockcliffe-Smythe.

There was lots to discover and explore July 9  and 10. The four summer students  represented RSCA, along with Team Leader Miriam Hawkins, with great ideas implementing them with creativity and  enthusiasm at The Topham Pond Party hosted by MDCA.

Then there was the Community Street Yard Sale on the same day.Mother Nature was on our didn’t rain like the forecast said it would.yay! This  year, I too set up shop in my driveway which meant that my husband Lawrence biked around, said hello and took pictures instead of me this year.( he didn’t want to ‘man’ the tables,so to

Below are some pictures.Consensus has it that 10 houses participated in RSCA’s third annual event.Not bad, but not as great as last year.Angelo from Eileen Ave. did an above and beyond volunteering job of printing and postering while I did the online advertising.

There was A LOT of foot/car traffic and the early bird hagglers came out in full force at their best.BECAUSE  that’s what Yard sales are for!

There’s always next year and the year after that and the year after that and so on and so on ..and well you get the idea:) We and ME are always looking for good trouble makers (volunteers) and welcome help in the planning and executing of what is now becoming an annual event. As my neighbour, Michael, eloquently quoted,

Perseverance is the art of letting go of expectations without letting go of actions”

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AND THEN there was Sunday July 10th!

I saw these flyers posted around the neighbourhood so of course i had to go and introduce myself and say hello:)2

Technically,The Toronto West Community Church at 606 Jane St is Ward 13 but because IT IS JUST south of Dundas St W. beside the Library I  frequent..I consider it my Ward too:) Heck,Maybe 11 and 13 should just merge.

I was met with a big warm hug and infectious smile from Timolin who let me run around and take pictures and ask her a few questions.I learned that the Church is Pentecostal and also shares the space with Hungarian and Romanian congregations.The Church also hosts youth and senior programs.

The day of the Community BBQ there was a service with special guest speaker Rev.David Wells and not only did they have burgers,hot dogs,games,prizes and draws they also had a fun zone for the kids and Watermelon! 4


There were over 70 people in attendance regardless of the heat wave.


If you are interested in learning more about this inclusive community organization/church join their facebook group. They also host movie nights,Ladies breakfasts and so much more.

I moved to this part of town 4 years ago.I had always lived downtown,south of Bloor and to be honest, I cried when my husband showed me our new home,  but I can absolutely now say  I love where I live.

I love the variety,the inclusion and the diversity of the cultures that make Rockcliffe-Smythe a small town big world  community where we can all grow and thrive with respect for one another regardless of color, faith and age.

Shine on!

Your Neighbour in the neighbourhood,




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