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Rockcliffe-Smythe Strong Neighbourhood Resident Priorities Survey


Hello fellow Rockcliffe-Smythe Community members and residents!


Rockcliffe-Smythe Community Association aims to develop and promote a healthy, sustainable, well-serviced, inclusive and socially just community through civic engagement, activities, events, partnerships, policy leadership, multimedia outreach, advocacy, encouraging resident participation and celebrating community spirit. We need your help!

We are poised to turn our vision into local actions and improvements by gathering our residents’ priorities for City investments and services in Rockcliffe-Smythe.

We’ve developed a new Rockcliffe-Smythe Strong Neighbourhood Resident Priorities Survey, which you can complete HERE based on the City’s own menu of over 200 good ideas in the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy 2020 Handbook.

Points of action are grouped under these themes: Economic Opportunities, Social Development, Healthy Lives, Physical Surroundings, and Participation in Civic Decision-Making.

By taking the time to add your suggestions to the survey, you will help the Association and City of Toronto truly determine the needs of the Rockcliffe-Smythe community and what City investments residents of Rockcliffe-Smythe are looking for.

We want to give City planners our community’s best ideas! Please review our Resident Survey and add your own comments and ideas. Help us develop local priorities and action plans with concrete ideas to target resources and investments and improve services in our neighbourhood!



Are you interested in leading change in Rockcliffe-Smythe? We are looking for committed residents to join our Toronto Community Liaison Committee and Board of Directors!

Do you want to give back to the community? We are looking for enthusiastic community members to help with outreach, program support and event planning and participation!

Do you have ideas? Questions? Concerns?

Feel free to contact us at to share anything and everything Rockcliffe-Smythe related!


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