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Ontario’s Enhanced Youth Action Plan: RSCA Contributes!

ontario youth action plan

Ontario’s Enhanced Youth Action Plan: RSCA Contributes!

Youth engagement, employment, wellbeing, access to mental health and internet services was the focus of a community-wide #PoliHack event hosted last Saturday, July 16, by the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services (MCYS) at the downtown YWCA.

It was a great opportunity to network with other organizations and see up close the work of the MCYS, and collaborate to make their website more user friendly for the youth needing services. The website is part of a new plan to support at-risk youth in the province, please learn more here:

There were plenty of people from different sectors, bringing together an interesting skill set including policy makers, researchers, frontline workers, and web developers. We had conversations around mental health, accessibility, and ease of internet services. Branching off from the existing Starts with Me program, speaking to youth in schools about mental health issues and self-empowerment, we helped develop a website designed for youth experiencing mental health issues to express themselves and then meet up in a safe space. Have a look:

Other groups came up with ideas of mapping and consolidating government services online on one site. This event allowed us a small glimpse into the policymaking world, which is in dire need of community voices to improve and to become more accessible. Here is one of the maps that one group came up with:

If you have any ideas or questions for the MCYS, you may email us and we’ll seek the answers:

Ayesha Talreja

RSCA Outreach and Development Coordinator

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