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York South Weston MP Ahmed Hussen celebrates RSCA Canada Summer Jobs Students, Plans Electoral Reform Town Hall August 10

The Rockcliffe-Smythe Community Association had the great pleasure of meeting our dynamic and friendly MP for York-South Weston, Ahmed Hussen. Here we are accepting a certificate from the MP’s office for our summer program.


From Left to Right: Ann Clarke, Ayesha Talreja, Sidra Mahmood, Rakeen Ahmed, MP Hussen, Claudia Pensa Bowen, and Miriam Hawkins.

We were happy to know that MP Hussen had set up his constituency office at 99 Ingram Drive, right next to the Member of Provincial Parliament, Minister Laura Albanese, to create a sort of one stop hub for people’s different government needs. Often, it is difficult to know which issue fits under which level of government, so all representatives being under one roof is much easier for residents.


Electoral and Democratic Reform Town Hall August 10

MP Hussen spoke with us about his various initiatives around this area, including a town hall focusing on electoral and democratic reform on AUGUST 10 from 5:00 – 6:30 pm at 99 D Ingram Drive. This photograph contains more information:ahmed hussen aug 10.jpg

One of the main components in the Trudeau Liberal platform was reforming our First Past the Post electoral system, which means that millions of votes can become ineffective, because the candidate with the most votes is voted in. Many voices are thus silenced in this process, as their vote gets lost in the race. This system is quite old and can result in a party rising to power with less than 40% of the vote. Here is a more detailed explanation:


The federal Liberal government has begun consultations with the community to rectify this issue. They want to hear from YOU! What ideas do you have for improving your government? A national holiday to get everyone to the polls? A mandatory voting requirement? There are many different ideas that we can work on if we come together as a community and collaborate. Other voting systems available are being blogged about here:


Bill C-227 – Community Benefits Agreements

MP Hussen’s other interesting initiatives include Private Member’s Bill C-227, the Community Benefits Agreements Act, which would assess the benefits to communities undergoing repair or construction projects. This bill will ensure greater community consultations on projects and renovations as in the City of Toronto. The bill defines community benefits as ‘a social or economic benefit that a community derives from a construction, maintenance or repair project, and includes local job creation and training opportunities, improvement of public space within the community and any other specific benefit identified by the community.’
More information is available here:, and here:



Canada Can and Must Do Better for the World’s Most Vulnerable

Check out MP Hussen’s personal story published in the Huffington Post about his experiences as a Canadian refugee, calling for a restoration in Canadian diplomatic and refugee relations. It is a powerful and moving piece.


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