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Kodak Building Moves; A Historic Moment


Today, August 25th, marks a historic moment as the Kodak building, located at 3500 Eglinton Ave., was moved 60 metres today in order to form one of the entrances of the future Mount Dennis train station.


The Kodak building, also called Building 9, was constructed in 1913 (as per the Eglinton Crosstown website) and is considered an important historical relic by many in the area. According to a study by the Ryerson university library, George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, selected the the 25 acre Eglinton location for the Canadian branch of  his business after downtown locations became too small.  Fifty tonnes of coal were burned here everyday, and Kodak partnered with CN for easier import and export of items. In 1939, more facilities were built at this location, such as an employee’s’ building and a recreation club. The employees’ building is what stands today, after the demolition of most of the plant. For more information, please see here:


Upon feedback from residents who wanted to see this historical building preserved, Metrolinx, the construction agency building the Crosstown, decided to incorporate the building into the new infrastructure of the train station. A new foundation will be built; work for the train station will go underway shortly. The building will then be moved back to its original location, and Metrolinx says, used as an entranceway to the train station and for community spaces on the upper floors. According to the Eglinton Crosstown website, this site will be a type of hub, featuring two entrances, coffee shops, a bus terminal, a GO station, and a passenger pick-up and drop-off.

Many people came out to witness the occasion, as well as grab a bite at the Community Barbeque. Some community members had worked at Kodak in the past, while others had never seen it in operation.


For more information on future plans for the Crosstown, please see here:, or contact the Community Office at 416 782-8118 or


One comment on “Kodak Building Moves; A Historic Moment

  1. 1earth92
    August 26, 2016

    Amazing read.


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