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Emergency Preparedness in Rockcliffe-Smythe

August 26 marks the last day for the summer students here at the Rockcliffe-Smythe Community Association. At Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services, we were honoured to host Jude Kelly from the Ontario fire marshall office, and Boris Rosolak from the Toronto Office of Emergency Management. The two of them spoke to a packed room of eager listeners, and gave tips about how to best prepare for different types of emergencies, from extreme weather events or a major power outage. Some tips include: creating a family plan, preparing an emergency kit of a crank radio, flashlight, extra batteries and chargers, non-perishable food items, toilet paper, extra medication, and at least four litres of water. Other items can include basic supplies, tools, and clothing. Please visit the following websites for more information: herehere.


Here are some pictures of today’s event.

That’s a wrap from the Summer Students! We had  a productive and interesting summer, made lots of connections and memories, and met great people.


Thanks, and signing off.


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