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Inspiration to ‘Power’

It’s been one heck of a historic weekend!..ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

…The Inauguration of the 45th President of The United States of America and then The Women’s March …Jan 21st/2017..all around the World.we-the-people-protest-splash-fairey

Learn more about this picture and the artists behind this

These peaceful demonstrations clearly were not just about women or only women’s rights.

( 7 Continents,650 + marches, estimated at 4 million people. Toronto alone was estimated at 70,000. Awesome Sauce! .

May the following links and videos be food for thought ,feed your spirit and keep inspiring you to get involved,participate,create,make and take action in your local community where ever you live.

CNN’s Van Jones -The Messy Truth #LoveArmy

I came across this Ted talk and thought it needed to be shared, especially now.

Bernie Sanders

Gloria Steinem

Follow and read World renowned Journalist,Dan Rather‘s viewpoints

Women’s March 10 Actions/100 days



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