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Woolner Park and Toronto Hydro

Dear community members,
Toronto Hydro has just announced a plan to double the size of its transformer station in Woolner Park, so that it juts up against the playground. They are hosting an information night on May 30th, just two weeks before construction is scheduled to start.
This is a serious health and safety issue, as the expansion may cause an increase in electromagnetic radiation (a potential health hazard) in a highly residential area.
There has been no community consultation or communication until now, and no information has been shared about a health and environmental assessment being done.
Woolner Park in the Dark poster-page-001
Rockcliffe-Smythe has been designated by the city as a “neighbourhood improvement area” under the Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy. Currently, residents are working with the city to make decisions about priorities and allocation of resources, and yet we have been given no input with respect to this expansion project (despite Toronto Hydro’s claim to the contrary).
What you can do:
1. Attend the info night on May 30, at Rockcliffe Middle School 7PM-9PM 
2. Email/call our city councillor at (cc: Mayor John Tory or 416.392.4091 and demand that construction be halted until the community can assess the safety and appropriateness of this project.
3. Join the Facebook group:
For more information, email
~Liana Salvador-Watts

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