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2017 Community Yard Sale-Wrap Up

We did it! Kristina House and I organized this years Community Yard Sale and as I biked around taking pictures I counted about 20 houses that participated.Even Mildred Ave joined in! which makes sense as it is a street that connects Eileen Ave and Bernice Cres.(next year Mildred 🙂

There was so much great stuff  I went home,dropped my bike off and came back to do a little shopping myself with my neighbour, Gina. Thanks to Mily and Michael on Eileen Ave, I acquired a new living room table that Michael delivered to my door.There are truly warm and wonderful and helpful neighbours in this part of town!

Gina has lived in the area all her life and as we walked around I got to meet others who who have also been cornerstone foundations to the community like Joe Portelli,Linda Azzopardi and Cindy:)

I think what I like most about Community Yard Sale day is bopping around and meeting people in my neighbourhood that i would otherwise not meet and it’s also great to put the faces to the names that I chat with online in the community groups. (Eileen/Bernice Community Group)

I also love to see the kids in the community getting involved and entrepreneurial.

These two cutie patooties were selling lemonade with proceeds going to Sick Kids Hospital.12

Musn’t forget Tony and Jane! They have lived in the area for almost 50 years and for the past 4 years they have joined in the Community Yard Sale. Sadly, they will be moving at the end of summer to go forth with their next phase of life.Your neighbours are going to miss you and we all wish you well,sunny skies and happy travels.

Jane and Tony

Thank-you to everyone who participated and helped make this year’s CYS a success. I look forward to doing it again next year.It is a lot of planning and co-ordinating to pull this kind of event off. Next year,Let’s get a small committee together and  turn it into a street festival with food,music and activities for the kids! I have been told that in the past this did happen so i’d like to see it happen again and become a ‘thing’:)

If you would like to get on board to help make this happen please contact and let’s organize!

Here are some more pictures.




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