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Little Libraries-Take a Book.Leave a Book

As I travel by foot,bus or bike through the neighbourhoods that make up Rockcliffe-Smythe I have been seeing Little Libraries popping up..and I Love it! I am a curious creature and when I see one I stop to take a moment and see what’s inside. Sometimes, there is a book that has my name on it and has been waiting for me to take it home and read but most of the time I am curious as to the person BEHIND the Little Library.
Who are they? What’s their reason for putting a Little Library on their front lawn?

So far,the Rockcliffe Smythe community now has 3 Little Libraries.. that i am aware of.

Meet Luciano,an avid cyclist,vegan chef and an Italian Language teacher who moved to the Rockcliffe-Smythe area 3 years ago and he built his own Little Library at 143 Bernice Crescent

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There is also a Little Free Library at 86 Black Creek Blvd  stewarded by Shannon who moved to the Rockcliffe Smythe area in the summer of 2013.


Hi there, My name is Shannon.

My husband, 2 young sons and I moved to the Rockcliffe-Smythe community in the summer of 2013.

Although I grew up not far from this area, what drew us to purchasing our home here was the proximity to green spaces, parks, and being within a 10 min drive to the hip Junction neighbourhood and the oasis of High Park

I have been a Little Free Library Steward since May 2016 and was inspired to do so as a tribute to my Mom, Janice Elaine Currah (Etobicoke resident 1950-2014) who passed away tragically from a very rare form of thyroid cancer, but who successfully instilled the love of reading in me from an early age.

We bought our LFL directly from the website and it cost approximately $400, and arrived with a large donation of books to get me started.

I encourage those that have boxes of books collecting dust somewhere to leave them on my doorstep!

I try to change up the books regularly ensuring a variety of adult fiction and kids’ books too.  Our neighbourhood has experienced an influx of children aged 2-10yrs old and my greatest joy is seeing them come to discover, read and exchange books – right from the end of my driveway! The biggest change we have seen since installing our LFL has been an increased sense of community –  the shared enthusiasm, curiosity and critiques from neighbouring readers as they stop to browse, it’s wonderful!  We all keep it going together, I don’t feel like it is “mine”.

My current read, with 50 pages left is Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Heart Goes Last”, and you can bet it will be featured in our library within the next week 😉

Best regards, Shannon Cavanagh

and then there is 10 Duern St!



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