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Update: Feb 16th-from Councillor Frances Nunziata

“Good Morning,

Since my email of February 13th, I have been working with the Mayor’s office regarding the report GM18.12 Expropriation of 731 Runnymede Road that was put on the agenda for the February 21st meeting of the Government and Management Committee (GMC). Of course, from the title, we expected that the report was going to recommend that staff be given the authority to issue a Notice of Expropriation for this property.

The full report, which I have attached to this email, is now available online at:…/2…/gm/bgrd/backgroundfile-101351.pdf

As you will see, staff are no longer recommending the expropriation of 731 Runnymede Road.

The recommendation is now asking for authority to “continue negotiations to lease or consider acquiring the property known municipally as 731 Runnymede Road…”. This is essentially the same authority that they were provided with in 2016 when the shelter was approved.

At this point, as per the Director of Real Estate, the owners of the property and the city staff tasked with negotiations are so far apart on numbers that it is unlikely an agreement will be reached.

With staff no longer requesting authority to expropriate the property at 731 Runnymede Road, my previous plea for the community to attend the meeting to speak against expropriation can be disregarded. Of course, those who still wish to attend are welcome to.

Please contact my office by phone or email if you have any questions regarding the above.

Thank you,
Councillor Frances Nunziata
Ward 11, York South -Weston
100 Queen St. W., Suite C49
Toronto, On M5H 2N2
416 392 4091


Update:Feb 13th

From the office of Councillor Frances Nunziata:

Good afternoon,

As previously reported, the City had not finalized a lease agreement with the property owner for their proposed shelter at 731 Runnymede Road and so there were no updates – until today.

This morning, the agenda for the February 21st, 2017 meeting of the Government Management Committee (GMC) meeting was posted, including Item GM18.12 Expropriation of 731 Runnymede Road. The summary, which can be found at, indicates that a staff report, not yet completed, will be submitted to GMC for consideration.

While the report has not yet been made available, the title “Expropriation of 731 Runnymede Road” does not leave anything to the imagination, and makes it clear that staff are considering expropriating the property at 731 Runnymede Road for a shelter. While staff have been looking at alternate sites, including in the west end of the city, they seem intent on pursuing 731 Runnymede Road despite not being able to negotiate a lease at market rent as per Council’s direction.

Expropriation is when a government takes privately owned property to be used for a municipal purpose.

I am opposed to the idea of expropriating this property and will be communicating this to the Government Management Committee on February 21, 2017, but I need your help.

I encourage anyone who can attend the GMC meeting, which takes place at City Hall (100 Queen St. W) in Committee Room 1 to attend and convey the message to Councillors on the committee that as local residents, stakeholders, and taxpayers, you do not support the expropriation of this property for the city’s intended purpose of establishing a shelter.

Please share this message with your neighbours as they may not be on my mailing list.

Councillor Frances Nunziata
Ward 11, York South -Weston
100 Queen St. W., Suite C49
Toronto, On  M5H 2N2
416 392 4091

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Homeless Crisis Film Screening & Talk
Bursting at the Seams:
Thurs. Feb. 16, 6 p.m.,

CRC, 40 Oak Street (near Parliament and Gerrard)
Free event with a meal, childcare, wheelchair access and tokens. Bursting at the Seams is the title of a 20-minute film on the crisis of brutal overcrowding in Toronto’s homeless shelters. Premiered the movie outside Mayor John Tory’s luxury condominium in November.

Come watch the movie and hear updates on the fight to win desperately needed shelter and housing in this city.


100-BED EMERGENCY MEN’S SHELTER IN OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD – WARD 11, Ward13 proposed for 731 Runnymede at the intersection of St. Clair Ave W. and Runnymede Rd.

Deputations took place on Thursday June 23, 2016. A decision was made to lock down the lease of 731 Runnymede Rd. for future site construction of a men’s shelter with conditions based on community feedback.

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