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Community Partners


Since its inception in 1999, Jane Alliance Neighhourhood Services (JANS) has been implementing programs and projects in various areas to meet the needs of seniors, women, youth, immigrant and refugees with its foremost aim of promoting the quality of life and social services, social justice, accessibility and community development of the under-served communities in RockCliffe-Smythe, Mt. Dennis area of Toronto and beyond.

This includes education workshops for parents,youth,seniors,newcomers.Workshops range from Health and Nutrition,Financial literacy,and Computer literacy.

They also provide Settlement Services and Employment Services.

Located at 909 Jane St #205 (Beside the Tim Horton’s at Jane and Alliance

RSCA has partnered with JANS for various projects and they also donate office/meeting space when we need it.

More to come! in the meantime Join our facebook group.facebook-logo


2 comments on “Community Partners

  1. P D MacMillan
    March 8, 2015

    What is the acronym for your association? Is it RCSA or RSCA? Your web site is confusing! I would presume it’s RSCA because it’s Rockcliffe Smythe Community Association. But you have it as RCSA several times. If it’s a typo, please fix it.


    • Dawna
      March 8, 2015

      Hi.. it is RSCA.thank-you for pointing out the typos.


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