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Clear the St.Clair-Stockyards Underpass Bottleneck

March 2016  Campaign for a Shared TTC Right of Way at the St. Clair-Keele- Weston Underpass

You can still be heard on proposed options to address the traffic bottleneck around the St. Clair-Keele- Weston underpass in a public consultation currently underway for the St. Clair West Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

The City wants input into several road extension, bridge and tunnel options to address the traffic congestion at the intersections and underpass. Implementation of the best solution will take several years.

In the meantime, many residents have suggested sharing of the TTC right-of-way through this section of St. Clair for both personal vehicles and public transit. Councillors Nunziata and Palacio agree and brought the interim option to the heads of the TTC and Toronto Transportation Services, who say they are not interested in pursuing this even as a temporary traffic mitigation strategy for our area.

The Rockcliffe Smythe Community Association (RSCA) is seeking support from residents and businesses for a temporary shared right-of-way beneath the St. Clair-Keele-Weston underpass.

To learn more or to get involved in the citizens’ campaign, please contact


Robyn Shyllit, public consultation coordinator:

Councillor Josh Colle, Chair, TTC:

Andy Byford, CEO, TTC:

Stephen Buckley, GM, Transportation Services:

Cc:  Councillor Nunziata:

Councillor Palacio:


St. Clair West Transportation Master Plan Update

  • Public Consultation: On December 2, 2015 the project team held the first public meeting for the St. Clair Avenue West Area Transportation Master Plan to present the alternative solutions and evaluation criteria, respond to comments and questions, and receive feedback. The event was well attended and valuable feedback was received during the comment period. A report summarizing public consultation feedback, and all public meeting materials, are now available on the project website under the ‘Consultation’ tab
  • Alternative 6: A small number of other suggestions for Alternative 6 were received at the first public meeting and during the comment period. These were reviewed in terms of the project mandate (expanding east/west transportation capacity) as well as feasibility and potential impacts. Suggestions received that were variations of Alternatives 1 through 5 are already under consideration.


The westerly extension of Davenport Road to West Toronto Street has been identified as Alternative 6 based on the key study goal of increasing east/west transportation capacity, reducing some congestion along St. Clair Avenue West between Keele Street and Old Weston Road, and to accommodate continued growth in the area. More information on Alternative 6 will be available at the next public meeting, and published to the project website in advance of this date. Property owners potentially affected by Alternative 6 have been mailed notification letters.

  • Next Steps: Using the evaluation criteria presented and feedback during the comment period, the Project Team is completing a preliminary evaluation of the Alternative Solutions.

A second public meeting will take place in late March/early April 2016 to present the results of the evaluation, preferred solutions, and construction staging. More information about this meeting will be posted to the project website and sent via email over the coming weeks.

Following the second public meeting, and feedback received during the comment period, the evaluation of Alternative Solutions will be finalized and the recommended Alternative Solution(s) will be presented to City Council later in 2016.

Sharing of TTC Right of Way at St. Clair Underpass
Councillor Nunziata and Councillor Palacio say they have repeatedly requested that, at least temporarily until we implement the recommended alternative to be identified through the St. Clair West TMP, the existing right-of-way on St. Clair at Keele be shared so that buses and cars can use it as well.

This request has been made directly to TTC CEO Andy Byford as well as TTC Chair Josh Colle, and the position of the TTC has remained consistent that it would be unsafe to share the ROW on his section, and then have to have vehicles merge back off of the ROW. Transportation Services has also been involved in the discussion, with General Manager Stephen Buckley also standing firm that sharing the ROW is not an option.


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