Rockcliffe -Smythe Community

~ a growing and changing community

The People in Your Neighbourhood (Video Interviews)

Meet Dr. Chris Hickman

-A mobile veterinarian who specializes in ‘In home and end of Life care for pets’

I could’ve spent another couple of hours talking with her and ask a million more questions!


This is Drizzy. Just one of many pets who reside in the Hickman household

Meet Alexander Moyle– a Sculptor who has a studio in RockCliffe-Smythe tucked away behind the Community Gardens in Marie Baldwin park.

I had the pleasure of spending about 2 hours with Alex in his studio and it was difficult to whittle down over 45 minutes of footage but with a lot of patience and now bugged out…i  was able to get it down to 6 minutes.

Read more about Alex’s new public art installation To The River to be placed in the Jane St-Bloor West area near the Humber River this Fall.

Meet artist and resident Jan Creelman.
Learn about the art of Batik and find out who her favorite artists are.

A short interview with Babur Malawdin ( Executive Director) talking about the programs and services JANS offer to the community of Rockcliffe-Smythe.


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